Mummy’s Buka Love Story

On a chill Monday morning in Osun, Funmi wandered through closed shops, pondering the contrast between the calm streets in the city as compared to the bustling life of Lagos. Intrigued by a local buka adorned with hand-drawn blue designs, she stepped inside.Welcomed by an elderly woman with a radiant smile, Funmi attempted to converse in broken Yoruba as she placed her order. While waiting for her meal, she found solace in the sweet scent of the simmering stew until she was unexpectedly approached by a young man. Oblivious to his presence at first, He approached with an envelope she collected with a side eye as she picked her packed order and left the buka.

Funmi arrived at work wondering about the unusual encounter as she opened the envelope to a note that read ‘Was wondering if the new mommy in town was looking for a boytoy’. The statement seemed to have reeled Funmi in, mostly because she got a good giggle out of it. The next day, she was at the buka again. He was there too, he seemed to have been waiting with another letter that was addressed to ‘mommy’ and leaving her meal paid for before she arrived.

As Funmi continued receiving his heartfelt letters, weaving tales of their experiences and inside jokes that had been shared as they had meals together. The "Mommy" endearment, once a playful quirk, became a symbol of their growing affection. It had been days before Funmi realized this fine boy didn’t have a name nor did he have her number. Determined to get more information about him, she arrived the buka with no mystery man waiting. The elderly woman that ran the place called unto her, handing her a note along with packed food. He seemed to be one step ahead.

Ade— He wrote in the paper. ‘Ade’ she texted to the number with an immediate response from him. Their texting banter began as they spoke of Ade’s sudden departure from the city. As Ade found himself in a different state, their messages turned into late-night calls to speak of every and anything. They discovered a shared love for cheesy romantic comedies and started syncing up their movie choices, laughing together despite the physical distance.

As their love story unfolded, Ade traveled back to Funmi's city, waiting at the buka, with a heavier package in hand. He sat waiting for Funmi.

Funmi ran into his arms in excitement, as he watched her open the package letting out the ‘Call Me Mommy’ Tee from Meji Meji.

Photograph: @retepoki
Models: @funmbitoye @sr_odey
Creative Direction: @tolucoye
Makeup artist: @_.farian_
Hairstylist: @nifemilarj